Senior strength Fitness – Strength & Balance Class
Senior Strength Fitness is a team of advanced exercise professionals that specialise in falls prevention and evidence-based interventions to keep individuals independent and mobile as they move into later years. With a wealth of knowledge and experience exercising individuals with complex health conditions and mobility issues, we offer classes that are suitable for each individual’s needs, as well as an environment for people to socialise and support one another as they progress through their well-being journey together.

Our classes replicate the structure of LaterLife Training’s Falls Management Exercise Programme (FaME), using a mixture of seated and standing exercises. The purpose of the class is to reduce participant’s risk of falls and increase their physical activity levels by exercising several components.

Warm up and mobility
Dynamic endurance
Backwards Chaining
Stretching & Flexibility
Adapted Thai Chi

If you’re interested in coming to the class, please contact Callum so that he can provide you with the details and requirements before starting.

Telephone: 01603 339 026