Thank you to all those that turned up to the meetings to discuss the Heras fencing and the Woodland Project. It was extremely useful for us. Thanks also to those who have contacted us outside these meetings.

To summarise:


1. Council will be asked to seek professional advice as to when the fenced off area by Harts Lane can be considered sufficiently recovered to allow the fencing to be removed.
2. There is an ongoing review of all open spaces in Cringleford to see if they could be used better for the benefit of Parishioners. To assist this review, the council has requested that youth workers sourced through South Norfolk Council to help engage with teenagers to understand their needs. In addition, it is proposed that a Stakeholder Group be set up to encourage community participation in this review. Interested parishioners should contact the Parish Clerk (; (contact details of those who attended the above meetings have already been noted). We are especially interesting in having 15-25 years old in the group. An initial Stakeholder Group meeting will be scheduled by September.
3. The Woodland Project is not a play area/activity trail but a sensory experience area for children, including disabled and special needs children, to learn about and understand the natural environment The woodland project and its future will be further discussed at the Stakeholder meeting. While the Council remains committed to the concept, it can be amended by Council agreement and through further Stakeholder inputs.