Planning and Environment Committee Meetings

The Planning and Environment Committee meets monthly (except August), generally at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the  month.  This can change though so always check the published agenda.  The meeting is held in public and parishioners are welcome to attend, listen to the discussions, and raise matters of concern during the public item. The Committee has responsibility for commenting on all planning applications received from within the parish and nearby areas.  Members of the public are also entitled to comment on planning applications direct to South Norfolk Council- applications can be viewed and commented on here

The minutes of the last meeting are in draft format until they have been approved at the following meeting.

Membership: Trevor Wang (Chairman), Simon Chapman, Helen Simmons, Sarah Hookway, Dagmar Miller and Navid Afshar.




Meeting Dates for 2022

Full Council

12 January
9 February
9 March
13 April
11 May - Annual Parish Meeting
11 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting
8 June
13 July
14 September
12 October
9 November
14 December


5 January
2 February
2 March
6 April
4 May
1 June
6 July
7 September
5 October
2 November
7 December