Full Council Meetings

The monthly Parish Council meetings are the fundamental mechanism by which the council operates. The meetings are held in public and parishioners and the press are welcome to attend, listen to the discussion and raise items under the relevant agenda item to ensure that we can represent you well. Please see this handy information leaflet on what to expect if you attend.

Using the this page you can see future meeting dates, agendas for upcoming meetings and minutes from previous meetings. The minutes of the last meeting are in draft format until they have been approved at the following meeting.

The meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of the month (excluding August) at 7.30pm in The Willow Centre. Please always check the agenda for any changes though.

All Councillors are expected to attend and the meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Council, Trevor Wang. Full Council is also an ideal opportunity to meet your local District and County Councillors.


Meeting Dates for 2019

Full Council

10 January
14 February
14 March
11 April
16 May - Annual Parish Meeting
16 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting
13 June
11 July
12 September
10 October
14 November
12 December


9 January
6 February
6 March
3 April
1 May
5 June
3 July
4 September
2 October
6 November
4 December