Regular users of the recreation ground on Oakfields Road may have noticed that, after a successful trial in December, parking permit signs have been erected along an area of fencing at the recreation ground, for twelve cars. This is for staff from the Cringleford Business Centre, and is the Parish Council’s attempt to try and help alleviate the dangerous parking issues along Intwood Road / Oakfields Road by making some off-road parking available, whilst we await a permanent solution from the relevant agencies. The Parish Council is not making any revenue from this, it is purely to try and help parishioners.
During the trial it was noted that the carpark generally has spaces during weekdays, and so it is felt that this will not impact weekday, daytime Pavilion hirers, sports group users, or general users of the recreation ground. Please try and avoid parking in this zone unless there is no alternative Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm. At the weekends please feel free to use the area.
Contact the Parish Council office with any questions – 01603 250198 /