Travel Update from Anglia Water for any parishioners who travel to Bowthorpe on a regular basis:

“I am writing to introduce myself and provide you with some information regarding an upcoming scheme in your area. This scheme is due to begin on 30 April 2018 and to complete by the end of July 2018. The reason for this essential work is to support growth in Bowthorpe, providing security of water supply for the future.

As part of this work, we need to dig trial holes within the next two weeks on Old Watton Road. These will take place on week days and will only take a couple of days to carry out. Dates for this section of work are not yet confirmed, however, our site teams will confirm this locally to any affected residents. We will also notify St Andrews Church.

During this time, we will be maintaining access for the residents but parking will not be possible on Old Watton Road during these days for safety reasons. We will do our best to ensure our works have minimal impact on the community and have sent a letter to the residents that will be affected for the duration.

The scheme involves the installation of a water main in Three Score Road, between Cricket Way and the roundabout. To ensure the safety of the public and our workforce, there will be temporary traffic lights on the Tollgate roundabout and Three score road. This traffic management will be in place from the start of May for approximately 5 weeks. There will also be a suspension of one bus stop in each direction along Three Score Road, with temporary stops in place.

A large portion of the 600 metre pipe installation will take place within Bowthorpe Southern Park and require us to directionally drill under the River Yare.

We do not anticipate any interruptions to supply.

In the meantime, if you feel there any channels of communication that would be of benefit to the community to access this information on, please feel free to share as appropriate. We would greatly appreciate your help in communicating this to your parishioners

If you have any further questions relating to this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and kind regards,

Amber Richardson
Customer Service Co-ordinator
Anglian Water Services Limited
Tel 07966281345”