Cringleford Parish Council invites you to the opening of  the Newfound Community Orchard on 3rd May 2024 at 11am.

Refreshments will be provided.

RSVP to by 8am on Tuesday 30th April.

Address: Brown Close, Norwich, NR4 7WD.
Directions: We would encourage parishioners to walk where possible!
Driving – (From Roundhouse Way roundabout) Follow the ‘H’ sign towards hospital. Drive straight on at the next two roundabouts, and at the third  turn right and park your car at UEA wildlife car park (you will need to register your car and the first two hours are free). From there, you can walk the short distance north down Colney Lane to the first roundabout, turn left onto Cringleford Heights and follow Woolhouse Way until you see a footpath to your left that leads
to the orchard opening.
Alternatively, at the third roundabout you can drive left on to Colney Lane towards the
hospital. At the first roundabout on Colney Lane take a left on to Woolhouse Way,
Cringleford Heights, and then the first left into Brown Close. There is a small car park at the
end of the road for the allotments. From the car park, you will need to return back to
Woolhouse Way and walk round almost in a circle via the footpath to come to the orchard