St Giles Park Cringleford – Proposed New Sports Pavilion – The Jubilee Centre

Big Sky Living, the developers of St Giles Park at Cringleford, are working with Cringleford Parish Council to deliver a new state-of-the-art sports and community pavilion to serve the wider community of Cringleford.

A planning application for the Jubilee Centre will be submitted to South Norfolk Council this week and it is hoped construction can start in early 2023 with the building being open to use by the end of the year.

The Centre will comprise changing facilities and toilets to serve the new sports pitches being provided by Big Sky at St Giles Park and a multi-use hall. The hall will be large enough for two badminton courts and suitable for a wide range of other activities. In addition, Cringleford Parish Council is looking to include a nursery school with 30 places as part of the building to complement existing provision within the parish.  (See attached image of the proposed Jubilee Centre).

Spencer Burrell (Director of Big Sky Developments) said: “During the course of our development, we have built up an excellent working relationship with Cringleford Parish Council.   As part of our development, we are providing sports pitches and are required to deliver changing facilities. Our relationship with the Parish has allowed us work closely together to deliver an enhanced facility that will not only benefit the residents of St Giles Park but also the wider community of Cringleford. We will be jointly funding the Jubilee Centre and, once we have overseen its construction, it will be owned and operated by the Parish.”

Trevor Wang (Chair of Cringleford Parish Council) said: “The rapid expansion of housing development in Cringleford has put enormous pressure on our recreational space. The new facilities at St Giles Park will make a significant difference to what Cringleford has to offer its residents, but it is just the first step in the implementation of the Parish Council’s Recreational Strategy with several more exciting developments to come over the next few years. With this joint venture and, we hope, support from South Norfolk Council, we will be offering an energy-efficient building with an indoor sports facility that we don’t currently have at existing locations on Oakfields Road and Roundhouse Park. It will also address the demand for more nursery places in the area.”


Big Sky Living: Stuart Bizley. email: Mobile : 07786 515289

Cringleford Parish Council: Sonya Blythe (Parish Clerk) email :  Tel : 01603 250198

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