Parishioners may have recently received the In-Touch Local Election leaflet from the South Norfolk Conservative Association.

The Chairman of Cringleford Parish Council has sent the following letter in response to some of the information contained within it:

“Dear Sir/Madam

News from South Norfolk Conservatives: In Touch, Local Elections Special

I am writing at the expressed request of all members of Cringleford Parish Council. We felt that it was necessary to bring the following to your attention, given the information in your latest circular to voters in the forthcoming local elections.

The Parish Council is a non-party political organisation, but it was deeply saddened to see the ‘spin’ that the South Norfolk Conservative Association appears to have put upon recent actions in the Parish. These include the provision of the footpath and cycle route through the Parish, the plan to build a new school and – perhaps above all – the proposals for solving the problems of on-street parking. The impression is given that local conservatives and the Conservative-dominated District Council have played a major part in promoting these developments when this is not the case in reality. The cycle route and the school were government initiatives and legal planning requirements, whereas the suggested solution for the parking problem (it is by no means a forgone conclusion) came from the Parish Council working mainly with SNDC officials.

We hope that in future the South Norfolk Conservative Association will be more circumspect in its presentations as we are sure you would not wish to mislead your electorate.

Yours truly,

J.M. Wagstaff
(Professor Emeritus;
Chairman of Cringleford Parish Council)”