There are several pieces of play equipment out of order in the parish at the moment. We always try and have work carried out as quickly as possible, but this isn’t an instant process as we have to get several quotes to ensure good value, and then wait for the work to be booked in.

When equipment isn’t suitable for play it is roped off with hazard tape or chains, and signs are attached.  These signs / chains are checked regularly by staff.

Unfortunately there have been several occasions recently where chains / hazard tape and signs have been removed by playground users, who have then chosen to use the equipment.   They have then left the equipment open for anyone to use.

We understand that it’s disappointing when children want to use a piece of equipment and can’t, but we would not be taking a piece of equipment out of general use if we didn’t have to. Please do not risk your  – or anyone else’s – child’s safety by removing our warning tape / signs.

Thank you