It has been brought to our attention that an attempt has been made to build a bike / skateboard track in the woodland area between The Willow Centre football field and the Harts Lane footpath.

Although very sympathetic with the need for more activities, especially in the current climate, this has caused some significant damage to the trees and wildlife in this area.  The area has been partially fenced off whilst it hopefully recovers.

The Parish Council  has recently agreed a new recreation policy and there are some exciting things coming over the next couple of years, including a skateboard park, a fully accessible woodland play area, more pitches to play on, and a sports hall. However we would love for the people who carried out this work to come and attend one of our meetings, to talk to us and let us know what else we can look into building for you.

Our Council meetings are open to all, whatever your age, and we always have a space for public participation.  The next meeting is the Annual Parish Meeting, which will be held at 7.15pm on Thursday 6 May, by zoom.

We hope to see you there.