Committees & Advisory Groups

In addition to Full Council and the Planning Committee, Cringleford Parish Council also has several Advisory Groups which meet regularly. These meetings are non-decision making and so not held in public, instead the Chairman of each group makes a verbal report to Council after each meeting.

Finance Advisory Group – meets every two months. Responsible for setting the annual budget, reviewing the Financial Regulations and the risk register, and over-seeing any other financial matters that arise across the year. Membership: Dave Chaplin (Chairman); Mervyn Scutter, John Canham, Malcolm Wagstaff, Malcolm Blackie.

Recreation and Amenities Group – meets monthly. Responsible for overseeing the council’s amenities and buildings. Membership: Isabella Kirk (Chairman); Dylan Baldwin; Mervyn Scutter, Trevis Chiles.

Pavilion Steering Group – meeting schedule in process of being organised. Membership: Malcolm Wagstaff, Dave Chaplin, Mike Metcalfe; John Canham, Mervyn Scutter.


Full Council Meeting Dates for 2017

12 January
9 February
9 March
13 April
11 May
8 June
13 July
14 September
12 October
9 November
14 December